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Find out what real patients are saying about balancing hormones with BHRT pellet therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions About BHRT

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What is BHRT Pellet Therapy

Have you ever been told "your levels are normal - those symptoms are just part of getting older"? Symptoms of hormone imbalance are often overlooked unless your provider is a hormone specialist.


The goal of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is to restore hormone levels to their most optimal which may offer relief from many of the unwanted symptoms that are often associated with aging including:

  • Unexplained weight gain

  • Low libido

  • Hot Flashes or Night Sweats

  • Moodiness or Irritability

  • Brain Fog or Memory Loss

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Joint Pain

  • Lack of Sexual Sensitivity

Treating Menopause or Andropause with BHRT

Also known as Natural Hormone Therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) refers to the use of hormones that are derived from natural resources, like yams. These hormones are compounded to mimic the molecular structure of the hormones that are naturally produced in our bodies.

Bioidentical Hormones can be administered in a variety of methods, including:

  • Creams

  • Patches

  • Pellets (caplets)

  • Injections

  • Sublingual tablets or drops


The method of administration can vary from patient to patient and depends largely on their specific needs, and lifestyle.  Medications can be administered daily, weekly, or even as infrequently as 4-6 months if you choose to use pellet therapy. 

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What are the Benefits Reported by Patients?

Increased energy, stamina and recovery 

Stronger libido with improved ED symptoms

Increased muscle mass and decreased fat

Clarity of mind and better memory

Decreased joint pain and illness

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